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January 23, 2013



New Firm Gets Creative with Sports


He’s let longhorns graze the ballpark outfield. At his urging, Rangers Captain has smashed countless heads of lettuce to teach schoolchildren lessons in nutrition. He’s had Nolan Ryan speak both Spanish and Japanese, plus wear an “I Shot J.R.” shirt. And today, longtime Rangers Creative Director for Media Rush Olson announced he has formed a company to produce innovative, sports-savvy creative content for clients-at-large.


“We can offer a unique combination of ad agency-quality creative chops with ground-floor knowledge of the sports business,” said Olson.


Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels summarized Olson’s contributions to the ballclub, saying, “Rush understands how to use creative communication make an impact on his target audience. Whether that audience has consisted of fans or free agents, he has done a tremendous job of making them feel good about the Rangers brand.”


The firm, known as Rush Olson Creative and Sports, will serve a variety of creative communication niches for different types of clients, Olson explained.


“We’ll work with teams, sponsors, and sports media outlets to create advertising campaigns or special projects. An agency can use us for consulting or partner with us for creative execution. For businesses outside of sports, we bring years of experience creating entertaining content of the quality and quantity the sports world has long demanded.”


Olson himself has often played a lead role in Rangers electronic media innovation, including areas of advertising, website video, media distribution, and high-definition workflow.


Olson recently spearheaded much of the “My Texas, My Rangers” advertising campaign, conceiving and writing television, radio, print, and overall strategic branding elements. Buzz surrounding the spots included radio chatter, kids mimicking the mascot, a local columnist calling one of the efforts “classic,” and MLB Network’s Kevin Millar proclaiming a spot “a great commercial.” The Rangers set team attendance records two years in a row.


“Most of the fans we talked to didn’t even realize the Rangers had gone to the World Series the two previous seasons. They said they came out because the radio spots persuaded them,” kidded Olson.


Olson has also contributed significant creative and strategic input to a number of key player acquisition efforts. Pitches in which he played an important role included those to Yu Darvish, Kevin Millwood, Zack Greinke, and the Stars’ Bill Guerin.


In addition to his work with the Rangers, Rush Olson has also served in the same capacity with the Dallas Stars and Mesquite Championship Rodeo. His background also includes marketing sports-intensive television stations KTVT and KXTX. He also spent many years working with minor league, college, and high school teams in many sports doing television play-by-play.


The Fort Worth native attended San Antonio’s Trinity University. He ascribes his affinity for sports to growing up the son of longtime Texas Wesleyan Athletic Director Ed Olson and Frances Olson, who once scored 57 points in a Virginia girls high school basketball game.


Rush Olson Creative and Sports has launched a website,, featuring information about the company and work samples. They have also set up a page at for social interaction and updates. Their logo features letters prominent in the company name and the company mascot, a mythical elephant-eating bird known as a roc.