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This basketball Hall-of-Famer doesn’t rest on her laurels (although they are substantial enough that they’d probably be quite comfortable if you piled them up and flopped on them). Nancy Lieberman continually finds new ground to break professionally and she has a passion for finding new children to help. We help her tell the story of how she does it, with an eye to expanding the impact she makes to include as many deserving kids as possible.


Our work has included ramping up production values on her elegant Dream Ball gala to include substantial video and show elements as the event has grown from being housed in a small steakhouse to commanding a true concert venue. In 2017, we proposed and executed a roundtable discussion about the legacy of Muhammad Ali that featured the boxer’s widow, Lonnie Ali, with Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, and ESPN anchor Jay Harris. We streamed a four-camera shoot of it to Facebook Live and fed highlights of the event to national media afterward.