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Phil Thomas Di Giulio of WellcomeMat interviewed Greg Fischer of Fischer Real Estate Services. Greg talked about the making of his company video and he said some nice things about the production team. We did not pay him to say these things, and even if we had, we like to think we’d have been smart enough to pay him an additional sum to deny it. Anyway, he procalimed stuff like :

15:15 : “It was really important to work with someone who had that experience under their belt. He knew what we had to do and knew how to ask the right questions.”

23:10 : “I’m so happy with the relationship that I have with those guys and I’m happy with how the vieo turned out. I’m stoked.”

25:30 : “That (video) has turned into, locally, a very, very important asset for me to use.”

31:27 : “It’s kind of fun talking to Rush.” (Yes, he actually said that. He probably meant when we were discussing some of the new Texas distilleries we admired from afar.)

The video runs about 30 minutes and Greg has lots of spot-on observations, both about the video production process and the real estate market.

For a pair of houses for Fischer Real Estate Services, we didn't even shoot video. We used existing images to tell the story, with the key word being "story." Creative concepts set us apart and set your realty firm apart when we do your videos - videos designed to leave an emotional impression. Fischer Real Estate Services principal Greg Fischer provided the voiceover for these, giving him a useful conversation piece when discussing them with potential buyers.

For the residence at 2600 Loftsmoor, we expect the probable buyer to be motivated not only by the house’s pleasing physical characteristics, but also by its proximity to highly-rated schools.

The storytelling shown here represents a step up from most real estate videos. Bring this video to a potential seller and tell them you’ll bring in the guys who have done advertising for the Texas Rangers to showcase their house. You’ll substantially improve your chances of getting the listing.

Real Estate ROCS logo

Realtors can use video to successfully market agencies and properties. To stand out, you need a video that truly tells a story – something that keeps the audience’s interest and generates a positive emotional response.

ROCS has combined our copywriting expertise with Ludus Studios’ film skills to produce customized real estate videos that tell a great story – your story.

For individual properties, we create a narrative that shows off the building’s sellable qualities through vivid HD images while keeping the viewer engaged through a compelling storyline. You can use our product not only to shorten the sales cycle once you represent the property, but as an enticement to get the listing in the first place.

For your agency, we’ll take the things that make you unique and awesome and leave potential clients keen to do business with you.


For Fischer Real Estate Services, we utilized the principal's knowledge of Fort Worth neighborhoods and the positive impression he leaves on his customers to help future clients envision an enjoyable experience working with him.