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A Rangers game gives you a chance to unwind . . . and to get all wound up.

A Rangers game provides a great place to hang out . . . and hang on every pitch.

A Rangers game offers the chance to relax and compete at the same time.

Most people hit home runs the way the kids describe them.

Yes, we made Nolan change shirts five times. He said, “Why’d I agree to do this again?”

Baseball is played outdoors, where the dust and the grass stains live.

In the big leagues, if you can control the location of your cheese, you can be effective.

The Rangers became known for celebrating after a clinching game with a beverage similar to what teams in other leagues might use. Like, you know, Little Leagues.

A baseball game offers an opportunity for conversation, so we thought about things kids might ask. This young man had some questions while reading his program. Ian Kinsler pretended he had the answers.

This spot got props from Kevin Millar on MLB Network and airplay in three countries. We got to explain Abbott and Costello to the Japanese media.

Derek Holland’s wispy lip adornment became famous for its adolescent insubstantiality.

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The spots built on the previous year's to invite fans into the Backyard of Texas. The resulting spots told the brand’s story with players and kids and some used compelling game footage. All stayed doggedly on message, even as we spilled cheese on our jerseys. Click the titles below to see the spots.