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Some two decades of creating and implementing sports content make company principal Rush Olson a remarkably valuable resource for anyone involved with marketing a sports-related product. We combine content-creation chops and brand insights with a high-level understanding of sports a general market agency would find difficult to duplicate.

Most brands need content with the verve, and in the quantities, sports brands have long required. Hire us to make your brand more fun with an ad campaign, video, audio, words, experiential; made-up stuff, non-fiction, history, sports, non-sports, short-form, long-form, in-between-form, racing form. You’ll benefit from our extensive experience with Major and Minor pro teams and colleges, rightsholder and affiliate TV stations, and sports sponsors.

Having had a beverage poured on your head in a jubilant locker room; having checked the Sports Encyclopedia out so many times as a kid the librarian finally just gave it to you; having a secret you can tell Nolan Ryan, but not tell your mother; these rate as qualifications for few jobs. Luckily, this is one of them.