Rush Olson Creative and Sports


Nancy Lieberman Charities Dream Ball


The Nancy Lieberman Charities Dream Ball features an exclusive clientele and superstars of the sports and entertainment worlds. Our role involves ensuring that the video, audio, and creative elements make a world-class impression on the high-level audience. ROCS creates multiple videos, the evening's script, and guides the flow of on-stage presentations.. We also supervise all onsite production and work after the event to maximize promotional impact.

Mint Farm Films


We've joined longtime colleagues in an endeavor named Mint Farm Films. MFF creates unique and compelling sports documentary content and facilitates distribution and funding to further the sports-based creative arts. Our biographical focus is on Hall of Fame-caliber athletes, supplemented with additional films on broader issues and historical sports developments. Our subjects have significant input into the creative process, making them comfortable their legacies will be managed appropriately. In a Players’ Tribune world, where athletes have more control than ever over their self-presentation, such an approach helps ensure participation.  

Taste of The Cowboys


We work with international sports firm Lagardère Sports and Entertainment, America's Team, and the North Texas Food Bank to create promotional and on-site video content, facilitate earned media, and coordinate event audio-visual execution. 

My Texas, My Rangers TV 2011


We looked at a lot of research in the process of formulating this campaign. We knew Rangers fans loved their state and the values it represented. We decided to show them the team shared more with it than just a first name. Click the titles below to see the spots. 

Grazing with Mitch Moreland

Innovation can get messy.

Bass Fishing with Alexi Ogando and Neftali Feliz

If you teach a man to fish, he might swipe your baseballs.

Lots of Dogs with Nolan & Ruth Ryan

(English) (Spanish)

Nolan gets carried away at the grill, but who doesn't? The Spanish version represents the only known piece of video of Nolan Ryan speaking that language.

Horns with Rangers Captain

During the Rangers' first World Series run, the "claw and antler" craze consumed the local fandom. After this spot began running, the mascot reported (yes, we talk to horses) kids coming up to him doing the antlers sign.

Take Texas with Ron Washington

As manager of the defending league champions, Ron Washington got to manage the All-Star Game. He wanted fans to vote for Texas' players to go with him. He got a head start on packing.

Pecans with Nelson Cruz & Thad Bosley

Texans find the produce of the state tree easier to access if one cracks its shell. Mmm, pie.

Dallas Stars Media Day


Dallas' NHL team had one morning to shoot a season's worth of scoreboard features, tricky high speed video on an ice rink, and numerous other marketing, merchandising, and community relations features. They had no flexibility in the schedule and no do-overs. To ensure it all worked and looked great, they needed a creative production group who understood how to work with pro athletes and what success should look like for the team. The Stars trusted Rush Olson Creative & Sports to deliver.

Restore West ISD


In the fall of 2016, the West Independent School District unveiled new school buildings to replace the ones damaged in the explosion of the West Fertilizer plant on April 17, 2013. We worked with the architects of record to create a documentary film about how these amazing students, teachers, and administrators overcame incredible adversity to guarantee the future of the schools and the town.

The film aired on television stations in six Texas markets, including the five largest. We supplemented the program with substantial digital video content to allow viewers to take a deeper dive into the compelling storylines we found over the course of more than three years of shooting, We also created promotional announcements and a PR campaign to drive viewership for our station partners.