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Some two decades of creating and implementing sports contentmake company principal Rush Olson a remarkably valuable resource for anyone involved with marketing a sports-related product. We combine content-creation chops and brand insights with a high-level understanding of sports a general market agency would find difficult to duplicate.consultation, we can get you on the right track.

Rush Olson, Principal

Principal, Rush Olson Creative & Sports

•Created short-form content of many sorts for sports entities ranging from Hall of Famers to NFL and NHL teams to tennis tournaments and golf events.

•Developed and produced long-form programs and related content.

•Took the core concept “fun like sports” to imagine and execute memorable content for companies ranging from banks to realtors to charities to emergency physicians.

What's the deal with the bird?

Ancient Arabian tales describe the roc, a bird sizable enough to carry an elephant in its talons. We used to have one as the office mascot until a zoo a couple states over complained about a missing giraffe. We beat the rap, but decided to play it safe and sell our roc to Mike Tyson.